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Helmand River, Khan Neshin, Afghanistan


Alpha13 exists to connect industry leaders in fostering environments of accelerated growth by sharing experience, resources, intelligence, and opportunities to help solve the challenges of the future.   

WHY: Alpha13 is on a mission to help accelerate change within the world. By building its constellation of businesses and expanding its scope of value-creating strategies for its early-mid stage clients, Alpha13’s team has the potential to create new markets and customers.


Through direct mentorship, funding, and a cross-pollination of evolving resources, Alpha 13 can take your business to the next level.



Trust is increasingly rare. Everyone has an agenda and motive and these change frequently. Something further compounded from our experience within the intelligence community, who can you trust in times of adversity and chaos. For people and organizations, Alpha13 stands to create rock solid trust in our partners and through the community we are building.


In a world where everyone is trying to sell you or to leverage your position for personal gain. Alpha13 was formed to breath life back into a disingenuous world.
We strive to be authentic to who we are, the purpose behind our mission and the way in which we conduct operations globally.


Alpha13 exists to harness enterprise to make real impact in the world. We believe opportunity tis the most powerful weapon - Alpha13 believes in using enterprise as a vehicle to engineer real change and positive impact in the world. We believe the best weapon is opportunity. To pair our money with our ideals, Alpha13 directs a percentage of all net-profits to causes, people and projects we believe in.


World-views are created from wherever one sits. The strongest teams are a direct result of their diversity. We believe in diversity of thought, of experience, of ideals, of origin and that the best possible solutions are only unearthed with conflicting discourse.


Seeing the world through the eyes of others is am objective for with we strive. Whether it’s our partners, our portfolio community, through impact investor or simple B2B interactions, Alpha13 believe the best leaders and organizations are empathetical at their core.


We at Alpha13 believe we have a personal responsibility to live to our own potential. In doing so we can create platforms to allow other people and organizations to do the same. We view business as an opportunity to aid others in their professional and personal growth so that they too can create more positive impact in the world.

Actions speak louder than words.
Inaction speaks louder than both.



You can never cross the ocean until you have the courage to lose sight of the shore.

- CC

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